Cooked pasta on a plate alongside Bertolli Olive Oil bottle and tomatoes. Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

What Type of Olive Oil Should I Be Using?

Olive oil is useful for a variety of culinary dishes, but which type is ideal for the meal you’re planning? If you like the taste that olive oil adds to a dish, then extra virgin olive oil will give you that enhanced flavor profile with appealing health benefits. If you like the benefits of olive oil but prefer to leave the taste out of the meal, then mild/light and extra light tasting olive oil will be the best pick for you. No matter your diet, there’s a way to incorporate this healthy staple. Answer the questions below to find the perfect type of olive oil for your cooking needs.

Graph explaining different types of Bertolli Olive Oil: Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Light and extra light Olive Oil.